2nd - To a Disturbed Space (2016)

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Album de Idris Rivallain

Tracklist : Warm Cosmogony, Search, Dark Matter, Disturbing, Clear, Exoterhy, Quiet,Distortion...


Blue & Lonesome (2016)

Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

Album de The Rolling Stones

Tracklist : Just Your Fool, Commit a Crime, Blue and Lonesome, All of Your Love, I Gotta Go,Everybody Knows About My Good Thing, Ride ’Em On Down, Hate to See You Go, Hoo Doo Blues, Little Rain, Just Like I Treat You, I Can’t Quit You Baby...


The Dream Synopsis (EP) (2016)

Sortie : . 6 morceaux.

EP de The Last Shadow Puppets

Tracklist : Aviation, Les cactus, Totally Wired, This Is Your Life, Is This What You Wanted,The Dream Synopsis...


Hamburg Demonstrations (2016)

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Album de Peter Doherty

Tracklist : Kolly Kibber, Down for the Outing, Birdcage, Hell to Pay at the Gates of Heaven,Flags from the Old Regime, I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone) V2, A Spy in the House of Love (Demo Vocals), Oily Boker, I Don't Love Anyone (But You're Not Just Anyone), The Whole World Is Our Playground, She Is Far...


Woman (2016)

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Album de Justice

Tracklist : Safe and Sound, Pleasure, Alakazam!, Fire, Stop, Chorus, Randy, Heavy Metal,Love S.O.S, Close Call...


Hardwired… to Self‐Destruct (2016)

Sortie : . 15 morceaux.

Album de Metallica

Tracklist : Hardwired, Atlas, Rise!, Now That We’re Dead, Hardwired, Atlas, Rise!, Now That We’re Dead, Moth Into Flame, Am I Savage?, Halo on Fire, Confusion, Dream No More,ManUNkind, Here Comes Revenge, Murder One, Spit Out the Bone...


The Early Years 1967–1972 Cre/ation (2016)

Sortie : . 27 morceaux.

Compilation de Pink Floyd

Tracklist : Arnold Layne (2016 remastered version), See Emily Play (2016 remastered version),Matilda Mother (2010 remix, 2016 remastered version), Jugband Blues (2010 remix), Paintbox (2016 remastered version), Flaming (BBC session, 25 September 1967), In the Beechwoods (2010 mix), Point Me at the Sky (2016 remastered version), Careful With That Axe, Eugene (single version, 2016 remastered version), Embryo (from ‘Picnic’), Ummagumma Radio Ad (Capitol US), Grantchester Meadows (BBC session, 12 May 1969), Cymbaline (BBC session, 12 May 1969), Interstellar Overdrive (live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, 9 August 1969), Green Is the Colour (BBC session, 12 May 1969), Careful With That Axe, Eugene (BBC session, 12 May 1969), On the Highway (Zabriskie Point remix), Auto Scene, Version 2 (Zabriskie Point remix), The Riot Scene (Zabriskie Point remix), Looking at Map (Zabriskie Point remix), Take Off (Zabriskie Point remix), Embryo (BBC radio session, 16 July 1970), Atom Heart Mother (live in Montreux, 21 November 1970), Nothing, Part 14, Childhood’s End (2016 remix), Free Four (2016 remix), Stay (2016 remix)...


Atoma (2016)

Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

Album de Dark Tranquillity

Tracklist : Encircled, Atoma, Forward Momentum, Neutrality, Force of Hand, Faithless by Default, The Pitiless, Our Proof of Life, Clearing Skies, When the World Screams, Merciless Fate, Caves and Embers...


Soft Hair (2016)

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Album de Soft Hair

Tracklist : Relaxed Lizard, Jealous Lies, i.v., A Goood Sign, Lying Has To Stop, In Love, Alive Without Medicine, l.i.v....


Two Vines (2016)

Album de Empire of the Sun

Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

Tracklist : Before, High and Low, Two Vines, Friends, There’s No Need, Way to Go, Ride,Digital Life, First Crush, ZZZ, To Her Door, Keystone, Lend Me Some Light, Welcome to My Life...


Lazarus (OST) (2016)

Bande-originale de David Bowie et Enda Walsh

Sortie : . 23 morceaux.

Tracklist : Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart), Lazarus, It’s No Game, This Is Not America, The Man Who Sold the World, No Plan, Love Is Lost, Changes, Where Are We Now, Absolute Beginners, Dirty Boys, Killing a Little Time, Life on Mars, All the Young Dudes, Sound and Vision, Always Crashing in the Same Car, Valentine’s Day, When I Met You, Heroes, Lazarus,No Plan, Killing a Little Time, When I Met You...


You Want It Darker (2016)

Album de Leonard Cohen

Sortie : . 9 morceaux.

Tracklist : You Want It Darker, Treaty, On the Level, Leaving the Table, If I Didn’t Have Your Love, Traveling Light, It Seemed the Better Way, Steer Your Way, String Reprise/ Treaty...


Citizen of Glass (2016)

Album de Agnes Obel

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : Stretch Your Eyes, Familiar, Red Virgin Soil, It's Happening Again, Stone, Trojan Horses, Citizen of Glass, Golden Green, Grasshopper, Mary...


Revolution Radio (2016)

Album de Green Day

Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

Tracklist : Somewhere Now, Bang Bang, Revolution Radio, Say Goodbye, Outlaws, Bouncing Off the Wall, Still Breathing, Youngblood, Too Dumb to Die, Troubled Times, Forever Now,Ordinary World...


Sorceress (2016)

Album de Opeth

Sortie : . 40 morceaux.

Tracklist : Persephone, Sorceress, The Wilde Flowers, Will o the Wisp, Chrysalis, Sorceress 2, The Seventh Sojourn, Strange Brew, A Fleeting Glance, Era, Persephone (Slight Return),The Ward, Spring MCMLXXIV, Persephone, Sorceress, The Wilde Flowers, Will o the Wisp,Chrysalis, Sorceress 2, The Seventh Sojourn, Strange Brew, A Fleeting Glance, Era,Persephone (Slight Return), The Ward, Spring MCMLXXIV, Cusp of Eternity (live), The Drapery Falls (live), Voice of Treason (live), Persephone, Sorceress, The Wilde Flowers, Will o the Wisp, Chrysalis, Sorceress 2, The Seventh Sojourn, Strange Brew, A Fleeting Glance,Era, Persephone (Slight Return)...


Ibifornia (2016)

Album de Cassius

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : The Missing, Love Parade, Action, Go Up, Ibifornia, Hey You!, Feel Like Me, Blue Jean Smile, The Sound of Love, Ponce...


How to Be a Human Being (2016)

Album de Glass Animals

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Life Itself, Youth, Season 2 Episode 3, Pork Soda, Mama's Gun, Cane Shuga,[Premade Sandwiches], The Other Side of Paradise, Take a Slice, Poplar St., Agnes...


and the Anonymous Nobody... (2016)

Album de De La Soul

Sortie : . 17 morceaux.

Tracklist : Genesis, Royalty Capes, Pain, Property of Spitkicker.com, Memory of... (US),CBGBS, Lord Intended, Snoopies, Greyhounds, Sexy Bitch, Trainwreck, Drawn, Whoodeeni,Nosed Up, You Go Dave (A Goldblatt Presentation), Here in After, Exodus...


A Weird Exits (2016)

Album de Thee Oh Sees

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Tracklist : Dead Man's Gun, Ticklish Warrior, Jammed Entrance, Plastic Plant, Gelatinous Cube, Unwrap the Fiend, Pt. 2, Crawl Out From the Fall Out, The Axis...


Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not (2016)

Album de Dinosaur Jr.

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Goin Down, Tiny, Be a Part, I Told Everyone, Love Is…, Good to Know, I Walk for Miles, Lost All Day, Knocked Around, Mirror, Left/Right...


Lady In Gold (2016)

Album de Blues Pills

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : Lady In Gold, Little Boy Preacher, Burned Out, I Felt A Change, Gone So Long, Bad Talkers, You Gotta Try, Won't Go Back, Rejection, Elements And Things...


III:Trauma (2016)

Album de Harakiri for the Sky

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Tracklist : Calling the Rain, Funeral Dreams, Thanatos, This Life as a Dagger, The Traces We Leave, Viaticum, Dry the River, Bury Me...


Gone Is Gone (EP) (2016)

EP de Gone Is Gone

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Tracklist : Violescent, Starlight, Stolen From Me, Character, One Divided, Praying From the Danger, Recede and Enter, This Chapter...


Wildflower (2016)

Album de The Avalanches

Sortie : . 22 morceaux.

Tracklist : The Leaves Were Falling, Because I'm Me, Frankie Sinatra, Subways, Going Home,If I Was a Folkstar, Colours, Zap!, The Noisy Eater, Wildflower, Harmony, Live a Lifetime Love, Park Music, Livin' Underwater (Is Something Wild), The Wozard of Iz, Over the Turnstiles, Sunshine, Light Up, Kaleidoscope Lovers, Stepkids, Saturday Night Inside Out,Frankie Sinatra (extended mix)...

IV (2016)


Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : And That, Too, Speaking Gently, Time Moves Slow [ft. Sam Herring], Confessions Pt. II [ft. Colin Stetson], Lavender [ft. Kaytranada], Chompy's Paradise, IV, Hyssop of Love [ft. Mick Jenkins], Structure No. 4, In Your Eyes [ft. Charlotte Day Wilson], Cashmere...


The Bride (2016)

Album de Bat for Lashes

Sortie : . 13 morceaux.

Tracklist : I Do, Joe's Dream, In God’s House, Honeymooning Alone, Sunday Love, Never Forgive the Angels, Close Encounters, Widow's Peak, Land's End, If I Knew, I Will Love Again, In Your Bed, Clouds...

Summer 08 (2016)

Album de Metronomy

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : Back Together, Miami Logic, Old Skool, 16 Beat, Hang Me Out to Dry, Mick Slow,My House, Night Owl, Love's Not an Obstacle, Summer Jam...

California (2016)

Album de blink‐182

Sortie : . 16 morceaux.

Tracklist : Cynical, Bored to Death, She's Out of Her Mind, Los Angeles, Sober, Built This Pool, No Future, Home Is Such a Lonely Place, Kings of the Weekend, Teenage Satellites,Left Alone, Rabbit Hole, San Diego, The Only Thing That Matters, California, Brohemian Rhapsody...


LateNightTales: Ólafur Arnalds (2016)

Compilation de Ólafur Arnalds

Sortie : . 19 morceaux.

Tracklist : Jómsvíkingarímur - ýta eigi feldi rór, Forever, Last Remnants, How Did I Get Here (instrumental), A Noise, Góða Tungl, RGB, Pre, Lion (Jamie xx remix), Jasmine, Our Love Comes Back, Pull, Say My Name, And Still They Move, Orgoned, Kinesthesia I, Ethereal,Undone, LateNightTales (continuous mix)...


Magma (2016)

Album de Gojira

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : The Shooting Star, Silvera, The Cell, Stranded, Yellow Stone, Magma, Pray, Only Pain, Low Lands, Liberation...


The Glowing Man (2016)

Album de Swans

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Tracklist : Cloud of Forgetting, Cloud of Unknowing, The World Looks Red / The World Looks Black, People Like Us, Frankie M., When Will I Return?, The Glowing Man, Finally, Peace....

On My One (2016)

Album de Jake Bugg

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : On My One, Gimme the Love, Love, Hope and Misery, The Love We’re Hoping For,Put Out the Fire, Never Wanna Dance, Bitter Salt, Ain't No Rhyme, Livin’ Up Country, All That,Hold on You...


Strange Little Birds (2016)

Album de Garbage

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Sometimes, Empty, Blackout, If I Lost You, Night Drive Loneliness, Even Though Our Love Is Doomed, Magnetized, We Never Tell, So We Can Stay Alive, Teaching Little Fingers to Play, Amends...

Ash & Ice (2016)

Album de The Kills

Sortie : . 13 morceaux.

Tracklist : Doing It to Death, Heart of a Dog, Hard Habit to Break, Bitter Fruit, Days of Why and How, Let It Drop, Hum for Your Buzz, Siberian Nights, That Love, Impossible Tracks,Black Tar, Echo Home, Whirling Eye...

Minor Victories (2016)

Album de Minor Victories

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : Give Up the Ghost, A Hundred Ropes, Breaking My Light, Scattered Ashes (Song for Richard), Folk Arp, Cogs, For You Always, Out to Sea, The Thief, Higher Hopes...

Fallen Angels (2016)

Album de Bob Dylan

Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

Tracklist : Young At Heart, Maybe You'll Be There, Polka Dots And Moonbeams, All The Way,Skylark, Nevertheless, All Or Nothing At All, On A Little Street In Singapore, It Had To Be You, Melancholy Mood, That Old Black Magic, Come Rain Or Come Shine...

Strangers (2016)

Album de Marissa Nadler

Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

Tracklist : Divers of the Dust, Katie I Know, Skyscraper, Hungry Is the Ghost, All the Colours of the Dark, Strangers, Janie in Love, Waking, Shadow Show Diane, Nothing Feels the Same,Dissolve, Solitude...


Album de ANOHNI

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Drone Bomb Me, 4 Degrees, Watch Me, Execution, I Don't Love You Anymore,Obama, Violent Men, Why Did You Separate Me From The Earth?, Crisis, Hopelessness,Marrow...

Terminal Redux (2016)

Album de Vektor

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : Charging the Void, Cygnus Terminal, LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease), Mountains Above the Sun, Ultimate Artificer, Pteropticon, Psychotropia, Pillars of Sand, Collapse,Recharging the Void...

The Hope Six Demolition Project (2016)

Album de PJ Harvey

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : The Community of Hope, The Ministry of Defence, A Line in the Sand, Chain of Keys, River Anacostia, Near the Memorials to Vietnam and Lincoln, The Orange Monkey,Medicinals, The Ministry of Social Affairs, The Wheel, Dollar, Dollar...

Hold / Still (2016)

Album de Suuns

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Fall, Instrument, Un-No, Resistance, Mortise and Tenon, Translate, Brainwash,Careful, Paralyzer, Nobody Can Save Me Now, Infinity...

Cleopatra (2016)

Album de The Lumineers

Sortie : . 15 morceaux.

Tracklist : Sleep on the Floor, Ophelia, Cleopatra, Gun Song, Angela, In the Light, Gale Song,Long Way from Home, Sick in the Head, My Eyes, Patience, Where the Skies Are Blue (Bonus Track), Everyone Requires a Plan (Bonus Track), White Lie (Bonus Track), Cleopatra [Acoustic Demo] (Bonus Track)...

Gore (2016)

Album de Deftones

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Prayers / Triangles, Acid Hologram, Doomed User, Geometric Headdress, Hearts / Wires, Pittura Infamante, Xenon, (L)mirl, Gore, Phantom Bride, Rubicon...

Junk (2016)

Album de M83

Sortie : . 15 morceaux.

Tracklist : Do It, Try It, Go!, Walkway Blues, Bibi the Dog, Moon Crystal, For the Kids,Solitude, The Wizard, Laser Gun, Road Blaster, Tension, Atlantique Sud, Time Wind, Ludivine,Sunday Night 1987...


Weezer (2016)

Album de Weezer

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : California Kids, Wind in Our Sail, Thank God for Girls, (Girl We Got a) Good Thing,Do You Wanna Get High?, King of the World, Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori, L.A. Girlz,Jacked Up, Endless Bummer...

shadow art

Everything You've Come to Expect (2016)

Album de The Last Shadow Puppets

Sortie : . 13 morceaux.

Tracklist : Aviation, Miracle Aligner, Dracula Teeth, Everything You've Come to Expect, The Element of Surprise, Bad Habits, Sweet Dreams, TN, Used to Be My Girl, She Does the Woods, Pattern, The Dream Synopsis, Bad Habits, Bourne Identity...


III (2016)

Album de Moderat

Sortie : . 9 morceaux.

Tracklist : Eating Hooks, Running, Finder, Ghostmother, Reminder, The Fool, Intruder, Animal Trails, Ethereal...


Chaosmosis (2016)

Album de Primal Scream

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : Trippin’ on Your Love, (Feeling Like a) Demon Again, I Can Change, 100% or Nothing, Private Wars, Where the Light Gets In, When the Blackout Meets the Fallout,Carnival of Fools, Golden Rope, Autumn in Paradise...


Post Pop Depression (2016)

Album de Iggy Pop

Sortie : . 9 morceaux.

Tracklist : Break Into Your Heart, Gardenia, American Valhalla, In the Lobby, Sunday, Vulture,German Days, Chocolate Drops, Paraguay...


I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it (2016)

Album de The 1975

Sortie : . 17 morceaux.

Tracklist : The 1975, Love Me, UGH!, A Change of Heart, She's American, If I Believe You,Please Be Naked, Lostmyhead, The Ballad of Me and My Brain, Somebody Else, Loving Someone, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, The Sound,This Must Be My Dream, Paris, Nana, She Lays Down...


Värähtelijä (2016)

Album de Oranssi Pazuzu

Sortie : . 7 morceaux.

Tracklist : Saturaatio, Lahja, Värähtelijä, Hypnotisoitu viharukous, Vasemman käden hierarkia,Havuluu, Valveavaruus...


The Ridge (2016)

Album de Sarah Neufeld

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Tracklist : The Ridge, We’ve Got a Lot, They All Came Down, The Glow, Chase the Bright and Burning, A Long Awaited Scar, From Our Animal, Where the Light Comes In...


Shores Of The Abstract Line (2016)

Album de Hypno5e

Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

Tracklist : East Shore–Landscape In The Mist, East Shore-In Our Deaf Lands, West Shore–Where We Lost The Ones, West Shore–Memories, Central Shore–Tio, North Shore–The Abstract Line, North Shore–Sea Made Of Crosses, South Shore–Blind Man’s Eyes...


Legacy (2016)

Album de Myrath

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Jasmin, Believer, Get Your Freedom Back, Nobody's Lives, The Needle, Through Your Eyes, The Unburnt, I Want to Die, Duat, Endure the Silence, Storm of Lies...


Life of Pause (2016)

Album de Wild Nothing

Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

Tracklist : Reichpop, Lady Blue, A Woman's Wisdom, Japanese Alice, Life of Pause, Alien, To Know You, Adore, TV Queen, Whenever I, Love Underneath My Thumb...


Victorious (2016)

Album de Wolfmother

Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : The Love That You Give, Victorious, Baroness, Pretty Peggy, City Lights, The Simple Life, Best of a Bad Situation, Gypsy Caravan, Happy Face, Eye of the Beholder...


Painting With (2016)

Album de Animal Collective

Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

Tracklist : FloriDada, Hocus Pocus, Vertical, Lying in the Grass, The Burglars, Natural Selection, Bagels in Kiev, On Delay, Spilling Guts, Summing the Wretch, Golden Gal,Recycling...


Is the Is Are (2016)

Album de DIIV

Sortie : . 17 morceaux.

Tracklist : Out of Mind, Under the Sun, Bent (Roi's Song), Dopamine, Blue Boredom,Valentine, Yr Not Far, Take Your Time, Is The Is Are, Mire (Grant's Song), Incarnate Devil,(Fuck), Healthy Moon, Loose Ends, (Napa), Dust, Waste of Breath...


The Astonishing (2016)

Album de Dream Theater

Sortie : 29 janvier 2016. 34 morceaux.

Tracklist : Descent of the NOMACS, Dystopian Overture, The Gift of Music, The Answer, A Better Life, Lord Nafaryus, A Savior in the Square, When Your Time Has Come, Act of Faythe,Three Days, The Hovering Sojourn, Brother, Can You Hear Me?, A Life Left Behind,Ravenskill, Chosen, A Tempting Offer, Digital Discord, The X Aspect, A New Beginning, The Road to Revolution, 2285 Entr'acte, Moment of Betrayal, Heaven's Cove, Begin Again, The Path That Divides, Machine Chatter, The Walking Shadow, My Last Farewell, Losing Faythe,Whispers on the Wind, Hymn of a Thousand Voices, Our New World, Power Down,Astonishing...


Hymns (2016)

Album de Bloc Party

Sortie : . 15 morceaux.

Tracklist : The Love Within, Only He Can Heal Me, So Real, The Good News, Fortress,Different Drugs, Into the Earth, My True Name, Virtue, Exes, Living Lux, Eden, Paradiso, New Blood, Evening Song... 

savages art

Adore Life (Album) (2016)

Album de Savages 

Sortie : 26 janvier 2016. 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : 01. The Answer, 02. Evil, 03. Sad Person, 04. Adore, 05. Slowing Down the World, 06. I Need Something New, 07. When in Love, 08. Surrender, 09. T.I.W.Y.G., 10. Mechanics.


4 ½ (EP) (2016)

EP de Steven Wilson (Rock progressif)

Sortie : 22 janvier 2016. 25 morceaux.

Tracklist : My Book of Regrets, Year of the Plague, Happiness III, Sunday Rain Sets In,Vermillioncore, Don’t Hate Me.


Not to Disappear (2016)

Album de Daughter (Rock indépendant)

Sortie : . Rock, rock folk, rock indépendant et folk, country. 10 morceaux.

Tracklist : New Ways, Numbers, Doing the Right Thing, How, Mothers...



Blackstar ★ (2016)

Album de David Bowie

Sortie : . Rock, jazz, expérimental, jazz-rock et art rock. 7 morceaux.

Tracklist : , ’Tis a Pity She Was a Whore, Lazarus, Sue (or In a Season of Crime), Girl Loves Me, Dollar Days, I Can’t Give Everything Away...